How will my order be shipped?


We regularly use UPS, but can ship other carriers on your request.  

How quickly can I get my part?

If it is a UPS order and you place the order before 3:30pm EST, it will be shipped the same day.   When your order is placed we will confirm how you want it to be shipped - ground, next day etc.  confirmation #'s are available for you to help track your shipment.

How do I get pre-paid freight?


A $2,000.00 exchange order for east of the Mississippi, is pre-paid freight.


If I have a weekend emergency, can I get a part delivered?

Yes. Dial the main number, listen to the options and it will tell you how to get emergency service.


What about special orders or custom jobs?


We take pride in our ability to meet unique, re-manufacturing needs. You’ll need to send us the part so we can evaluate it and then we’ll quote you a price.