DS Parts was founded in 1989.  The founder needed a supplier for quality remanufactured parts to supply his own truck parts stores.  The goal was quality remanufactured parts when he needed them.  Thru his reputation he not only met his needs but the needs of many others in the trucking industry.  DS grew rapidly and gained recognition in the market quickly, a larger company took notice and bought DS Parts taking it National.


Eventually, the goals of the second owner changed to one of outsourcing  all remanufacturing.  The current owner was able to buy the company and move back to the original concept of quality remanufacturing and quick service for our customers.  Many of our employees have 15+ years of experience with our company and some with over 30 years in the industry.


We are proud that DS parts was able to acquire 5 additional companies and integrate them into our 50,000 square foot facility, broadening our product lines and enhancing our ability to better serve our customers.  DS Parts maintains business relationships with customers in all 50 states and 2 foreign countries.  Our goal is service with quality parts when needed.