Air Brakes

Stock #065145BPR1 Air Valve - Call for Price
Stock #107896Purge Valve - Call for Price

DS Parts can supply a full line of re-manufactured air compressors, air valves, air dryers and dryer cartridges.  Some air components are available.  Some products are also available as new units.
All air products are tested 100%.  Below is a picture of air dryers being tested.  The test bench simulates the environment on the truck to ensure proper function of the unit.                                       


DS Parts provides a full line of both re-lined and new brake shoes with all FMSI numbers represented. We have several manufacturers for brake lining, Marathon Brake being our primary supplier of lining.  From emergency brake shoes to heavy duty cast iron shoes for off-road applications, DS Parts can help you with any friction needs.

For a full catalog of Air Brakes and Application guide click here or visit the 'Downloads', where you will find a downloadable PDF File.